About Us

Sun In Bloom
Food for [Happy] Thought

Brooklyn – Full Service Restaurant
460 Bergen Street, Brooklyn, NY 11217
718-622-4303, info@suninbloom.com
Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner & Weekend Brunch
8:30 AM – 9:00 PM (M, T, W, Th, F)
Weekend Brunch:  10 AM – 5 PM (Sa, Su)

Tribeca – Takeaway & Cafe
165 Church Street, NY, NY 10007
212-791-6700, info@suninbloom.com
7:30 AM – 9 PM (M, T, W, Th)
7:30 AM – 7 PM (Friday)
9 AM – 6 PM (Sa, Su)

Founder & Chef of Sun In Bloom Aimee Follette; Photo by @ktrap

Founder & Chef of Sun In Bloom Aimee Follette; Photo by @ktrap

“One day a girl realized the relationship between food and happiness. She then set out to share this with the world. Chef Aimee’s vision came to life in this space we now know as Sun In Bloom. And with you, we continue to bloom.”

Welcome to Sun In Bloom, a conscious company committed to sharing clean delicious wholesome and living foods that nourish the body with energy and love. Sun In Bloom was built from the ground up and began in Park Slope, Brooklyn, January 1, 2010.

Sun In Bloom was a vision that came to Chef Aimee Follette to be a vehicle in supporting her dream to live a purposeful, happy, and fulfilled life in service to be the change she wishes to see in the world. Through a continuous journey of great risk-taking, self-discovery and personal work, Chef Aimee chooses to live a heart centered and compassionate life rooted in truth. As a result of truth-seeking, Chef Aimee discovered the profound importance of food and how our culture has been mis-lead into a toxic food matrix that causes disease and unhappiness. So, it is her dream that Sun In Bloom can provide a space for people to discover a new relationship to food, in hopes to empower everyone to live their best life.

Our menu offers accessible and delicious “clean” and gluten-free dishes to be enjoyed by all food lovers. We specialize in organic, vegan, raw food cuisine and macrobiotic dishes, along with gluten-free vegan baked goods and raw desserts.

Sun In Bloom handcrafts all of their food, desserts, and beverages with LOVE in their KOSHER in-house kitchen. Both Sun In Bloom locations make their food on-site.


5 responses to “About Us

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  4. Revital Wanerman

    The Avocado sandwich was quite good but the service that came with it by Amanda made me want my money back. I paid $23 and was treated like a criminal when I wanted to change the coffee. “Did YOU order it”? She asked before offering tap water . Eventually we settled on the green tea which was a nice treat however while I was waiting for my sandwich she moved me from where I was standing with “excuse me” and not in a nice tone. I paid $23. NEVER AGAIN. The other server was quite nice. But surely NEVER AGAIN. Lastly this is the very first time I EVER wrote a review . I just felt you guys should know . And hopefully it will get to the owner as well.

    • Hi Revital. Yes. You’ve reached the owner. My name is Aimee Follette and I’ve built Sun In Bloom over the past 6 years with blood, sweat, and tears and I’m everyday handling all of the details to keep us afloat. It certainly saddens me to hear this is how you experienced Sun In Bloom and I will ask Amanda if she was having a bad day? Not feeling well? Why she responded with this tone? We do not know what others are going through. Amanda has been with Sun In Bloom for 3 years. She’s made it possible for me to keep going. We all have bad days and I’m sorry this is how you experienced her and Sun In Bloom. We always learn from feedback, so I am appreciative you gave us this opportunity to reflect. Wishing you all my best. Aimee Follette

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