Sun In Bloom Weekly Brunch Newsletter

Brunch #25

This has been a wonderful week of unfolding…

My body feels energized, clear, satisfied, passionate, positive, in the flow, aligned and in love.  Abraham would tell me, Aimee, you are in the vortex.  Yes!

Over this past year and half, I’ve been in and out of the vortex frequently…

Which is like moving effortlessly downstream connected to clarity and love versus the experience of swimming upstream where I face resistance, feel frustration, anxiety and fear.  Doesn’t life sound more exciting in the vortex – moving downstream, being clear and in alignment with who you truly are, feeling and being unconditional love, having fun?  YES, Absolutely! 

The possibilities for what we can manifest are limitless… there are no walls.  I refer often to the magic in everyday.  I’ve experienced this magic in life since my earliest memories…

At 33 years old, I can still flip a switch and tap back into the playful space I existed in at 3.  I was splashing water in our miniature green outdoor pool, swinging high and leaping over my 3-wheeler, pretending to drive my parents orange VW bug parked in the driveway, picking rhubarb and strawberries in our backyard, visiting with all of my neighbors who I adopted as my extended family… playing and playing and playing

So it occurred to me this week how much time and energy so many of us put into thinking about food.  Why are we feeling so bad?  Why are struggling with diabetes, heart disease, cancer, allergies, inflammation, depression, etc.?

I do believe it was my my love affair with sugar that started at 5 years old, huge intolerance to dairy and undiagnosed Celiac disease that led to me many of my challenges with feeling good.  And, then several traumatic events that I experienced in my late teens / early 20s led to a diagnosis of PTSD.  And after feeling so out of my body and sick and tired, I learned the PTSD manifested as hypothyroidism and adrenal fatigue. This opened a whole new world to me.  I quickly learned how powerful our experiences are and the great importance energy plays in our lives

I have to thank all of my friends who supported me through my recent cleanses.  There are absolutely stages to the process of healing and I believe cleansing and detox is a primary key.  If you have any questions or desires to do a cleanse, please do not hesitate to reach out to me.  It is my true pleasure to help guide you.  A couple Sun In Bloom guests just finished 5 day Sun In Bloom juice cleanses this week and they are radiant!

However, in my journey, I am now moving more deeply into a space of awareness of my thoughts and looking at where my focus is and how to release fear.  Because for the past 5 years, most of my thoughts have been focused on how I feel sick and tired and how I can heal my body with food…

But, as I find myself moving more deeply into alignment with the vortex, the less I think about food, yet all the while I effortlessly make choices to nourish my body with beautiful fresh living food and I feel more alive, more radiant, more love.  And, if I choose to eat something that isn’t considered “healthy”, I do not beat myself up for that choice, but I continue to move effortlessly with the stream, practice positive thoughts, choose love, and crave food that supports me to live within this space.

The sun just lit up Sun In Bloom… I love how its golden rods fall into the space and diffuse its warm energy.  Good morning!  The shitake bacon and freshly baked gluten free vegan cupcakes and muffins smell absolutely delicious.

I can’t wait to see you!


2 responses to “Sun In Bloom Weekly Brunch Newsletter

  1. Yes, I think where we put our mental focus is a big deal and it’s really challenging when you’re body feels out of alignment with how you would like to feel. I am doing a cleanse and in the process of eating a more macrobiotic based diet. I love food, I love healthy food and I do find it is what I spend much of my day thinking about which is really hard when there is a limit on what you can eat. So today I am thinking more about what ELSE nourishes me and fills me positively.

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