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Brunch #1 – 2012:

Good morning, Happy new year!
This year feels open to infinite possibilities.

It was many years ago when the seeds for Sun In Bloom took root in my consciousness. The year prior to opening Sun In Bloom I was in the process of building a large scale 2 room yoga studio with a small cafe in the middle of Manhattan on 34th Street. Blue prints, building permits, financing, contractors, schedules… everything was in motion and we were just about to start build out when the landlord of this building pulled the plug and reneged on all his promises.

After over a year of pouring my heart, soul, time and money into this project, it was the quintessential jaw-dropping moment. But to my surprise, I experienced an overwhelming sense of peace; I had no doubts that I was being guided.

When the stars align and I feel that ZadaZadaZing electricity, I fall in love quickly and hard. In my experiences of heart break, my body aches and I think for a moment I’ll never fall in love again. But, I know now that not anything or anybody has the power to completely snuff my light. My despair does not usually last long before I wake back up and celebrate life – the constant movement, opportunity and the endless possibilities that exists. So, it did not take much for me to become vulnerable again and decide to invest my heart and soul into the idea of Sun In Bloom.

Here we are 2 years into this project. This weekend marks our 1st brunch of 2012 and our
2nd year anniversary!

It is also a significant personal turning point. With a goal to release my fear of failure and trust this path, I decided to invest all of my salary, sweat, blood and tears from the past two years into remodeling Sun In Bloom so that everyone can experience the kitchen I’ve always imagined us to celebrate life in together.

Moving into a space that had already been set up to serve food was a wonderful opportunity to launch Sun In Bloom and explore my vision, but after two years it became clear to me I was trying to fit a round peg into a square hole.

Resistance became more obvious and on a personal level, I became more aware for how the space was holding me back from reflecting my true spirit and creativity. And in this awareness, I acknowledged my commitment to living a life that embodies balance, health, and happiness. At the end of the day, money is energy; it will come and go. Letting go of this fear and trusting my path with Sun In Bloom was truly a remarkable way to end 2011.
Just 3 weeks ago, Jodie (Sun In Bloom’s manager) and I spent many late nights in our space with a tape measure and yellow pad measuring every inch of the space to prepare for the carpenters who were scheduled to spend just 2 weeks remodeling. The 2 weeks of remodeling was quite busy and I had to make most construction decisions on the fly. But at the end of the day, “winging” this project forced me into a 6th gear – following my intuition.

It is truly remarkable how we succeeded at actualizing my original vision for Sun In Bloom to occupy a space that looks and feels like the beautiful urban, rustic, reflective, clean kitchen I’ve always imagined it to be. It’s uncanny how our space now resembles the vision board I created three years ago for a space I had no idea would today be Sun In Bloom.
And it is the kitchen that is the hearth of our homes – a space in which everyone can relate to and find comfort in. It is my dream that we can recreate our space for the “family dinner” and make it an experience that nourishes us with love, happiness, and joy while supporting our bodies to age with strength, vitality and grace, and our mind to feel comfortable living our truth and always being in full expression.

Although we are still remodeling, we are thrilled to be open and back to work making and serving delicious health conscious food.

In order to open Sun In Bloom, I had to release my natural desire for immediate gratification and perfection. So this project has been about the process, evolution and organic growth of a living breathing conscious company. So please enjoy this process of evolution with us and treat yourself to delicious healthy food. I feel confident in my guarantee that choosing to nourish your body and soul with healthy food will support you in manifesting dreams too!

Cheers to a healthy and fabulous year.

Love, Aimee

Day 2: The Art of Allowing… Power of Thought.

Day 2:  HOT Raw and Juicy Adventure

I fell in love with my sweet lady green juice all over again.  It’s like a relationship.  I go really strong, appreciating her for all her nourishing qualities, and then I take her for granted, spiral into my day forgetting to drink the sweet lady green.  New goal!  I desire juice to be part of my daily traditions.  Ideally, 2 sweet lady green’s a day (post juice feast).

Today, I gave myself permission to relax, nap, move through the day with ease, and listen to Learning to Attract Wealth, Health and Happiness with Ester and Jerry Hicks.  I did multi-task – I couldn’t help but try to catch up with bookkeeping while listening to my audio-book.  Have yet to allow myself to cozy up on the sofa with my favorite books.

Home Office

Abraham’s teachings are wonderful reminders for the powerful role our thoughts play.  Going into this juice feast, I made a commitment – to tune into all of my thoughts, choose positive thoughts, and deliberately speak thoughts that reflect the life I want to live.

Although I absolutely desire to shed LBS on this adventure and slip back into my fantastic wardrobe, I am most interested in putting new habits into practice that will allow me to experience the life I truly desire to live.


Freedom, Pleasure, Happiness

I live a vegan lifestyle, low fat diet (in fact one of my challenges is I often forget to create time to eat, and then when I do, it’s at the end of the day when famished, which leads to consuming food without chewing).  Although I do crave sugar, I only treat myself to dates and agave.  I also reintegrated exercise back into my lifestyle in January – not as hard core as I once was with a daily yoga practice and running 25 miles a week, but I’m definitely creating time for 3-4 hard work outs a week.

So, why am I retaining an extra 20 pounds and suffering from hypothyroidism, adrenal fatigue, and the general feeling of SPENT?  It has not felt easy facing my reflection in the mirror and my body just feels uncomfortable all the time.

I might just be the quintessential example for how our thoughts create our reality, determine our health, and then manifest very quickly into dis-ease.  I’ve spent this past year and half sinking deep into my despair.  Sacrificing my yoga practice and gaining a couple pounds led to unhappiness, negative emotions, and eventually dark depression.  Isolation in the start-up of my business led to feelings of loneliness and further inflated the negative emotions.  Anxiety and panic took over like a storm and eventually I was hanging myself every day with fear.  Honestly, looking back at this journey, I am in awe of my survival skills and grateful for my strength to live through so much fear.  Today, I am definitely in a better space – I see the light.

We all have the option to either focus on what we want or the absence of what we want.  And Abraham says that resistance is caused by focusing on the lack of what is wanted.  Where as allowing is caused by focusing on what we do want.  And the result of our focus on the lack of what we want leads to negative emotions, creates resistance in the body, and ultimately leads to pain, illness, dis-ease.

I believe part of being HOT is stepping into my power of positive thinking, being an example for what is possible, living an inspired life, manifesting my dreams.  I am so excited to continue on my HOT Raw and Juicy journey to live this story of healing my body through allowing.  I know the juice is creating space for the river to flow and ultimately bring me back into alignment with my true essence.

Art of Allowing - Aligning with your true essance.

If you decide to pursue a 1 day, 3 day, 5 day or more juice feast… please let me know.  It would be so fun to have everyone join me on this journey!  Here’s to being HOT Raw and Juicy!

Love, Aimee