Day 2: The Art of Allowing… Power of Thought.

Day 2:  HOT Raw and Juicy Adventure

I fell in love with my sweet lady green juice all over again.  It’s like a relationship.  I go really strong, appreciating her for all her nourishing qualities, and then I take her for granted, spiral into my day forgetting to drink the sweet lady green.  New goal!  I desire juice to be part of my daily traditions.  Ideally, 2 sweet lady green’s a day (post juice feast).

Today, I gave myself permission to relax, nap, move through the day with ease, and listen to Learning to Attract Wealth, Health and Happiness with Ester and Jerry Hicks.  I did multi-task – I couldn’t help but try to catch up with bookkeeping while listening to my audio-book.  Have yet to allow myself to cozy up on the sofa with my favorite books.

Home Office

Abraham’s teachings are wonderful reminders for the powerful role our thoughts play.  Going into this juice feast, I made a commitment – to tune into all of my thoughts, choose positive thoughts, and deliberately speak thoughts that reflect the life I want to live.

Although I absolutely desire to shed LBS on this adventure and slip back into my fantastic wardrobe, I am most interested in putting new habits into practice that will allow me to experience the life I truly desire to live.


Freedom, Pleasure, Happiness

I live a vegan lifestyle, low fat diet (in fact one of my challenges is I often forget to create time to eat, and then when I do, it’s at the end of the day when famished, which leads to consuming food without chewing).  Although I do crave sugar, I only treat myself to dates and agave.  I also reintegrated exercise back into my lifestyle in January – not as hard core as I once was with a daily yoga practice and running 25 miles a week, but I’m definitely creating time for 3-4 hard work outs a week.

So, why am I retaining an extra 20 pounds and suffering from hypothyroidism, adrenal fatigue, and the general feeling of SPENT?  It has not felt easy facing my reflection in the mirror and my body just feels uncomfortable all the time.

I might just be the quintessential example for how our thoughts create our reality, determine our health, and then manifest very quickly into dis-ease.  I’ve spent this past year and half sinking deep into my despair.  Sacrificing my yoga practice and gaining a couple pounds led to unhappiness, negative emotions, and eventually dark depression.  Isolation in the start-up of my business led to feelings of loneliness and further inflated the negative emotions.  Anxiety and panic took over like a storm and eventually I was hanging myself every day with fear.  Honestly, looking back at this journey, I am in awe of my survival skills and grateful for my strength to live through so much fear.  Today, I am definitely in a better space – I see the light.

We all have the option to either focus on what we want or the absence of what we want.  And Abraham says that resistance is caused by focusing on the lack of what is wanted.  Where as allowing is caused by focusing on what we do want.  And the result of our focus on the lack of what we want leads to negative emotions, creates resistance in the body, and ultimately leads to pain, illness, dis-ease.

I believe part of being HOT is stepping into my power of positive thinking, being an example for what is possible, living an inspired life, manifesting my dreams.  I am so excited to continue on my HOT Raw and Juicy journey to live this story of healing my body through allowing.  I know the juice is creating space for the river to flow and ultimately bring me back into alignment with my true essence.

Art of Allowing - Aligning with your true essance.

If you decide to pursue a 1 day, 3 day, 5 day or more juice feast… please let me know.  It would be so fun to have everyone join me on this journey!  Here’s to being HOT Raw and Juicy!

Love, Aimee

4 responses to “Day 2: The Art of Allowing… Power of Thought.

  1. I just did a 6 day one, I gotta post it soon!:)

  2. Aimee, I am going to Join you soon! In a few weeks……..It will be at the tail end of your journey, but I am with you 100%. I need a cleansing too!


    • I can’t wait to support you when your are ready! I reflected today on how I’ve really been preparing for this journey since November 2010. When it is your time, you will enjoy your cleanse with ease.

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