HOT Raw and Juicy Adventure

Today I embarked on a 90-day HOT RAW and JUICY adventure – my journey towards rebooting my body, mind, and spirit.  This is my adventure to reclaim the HOT that a raw and juicy lifestyle illuminate.

1st Juice- Sweet Lady Green from Sun In Bloom

Today is day 1 of my 60-day juice feast, which will be followed by 30 days of mindfully reintegrating vegan raw living foods back into my lifestyle.

Since the unplanned twist to my life story, opening Sun In Bloom (a gluten-free vegan raw living foods restaurant), along with experiencing wonderful accomplishments, I’ve also struggled with stress, depression, loneliness, anxiety, fear, and a sugar addiction that have all caused me to see in the mirror the reflection of a woman I no longer recognize.  I believe it’s this disconnect that has driven me down a path that is not serving me.

Me (with my sisters) just before opening Sun In Bloom

Me (wearing same dress 2 years later after opening Sun In Bloom)

Over my life, I’ve fallen down really hard several times and each time I’ve picked myself back up. I’ve persevered through all of the challenges life hands me.  I choose love and compassion.   And since I was a little girl, I’ve always been committed to following my dreams, living an inspired life with purpose, and being of service to be the change I wish to see in the world.

We all experience struggle in life and what matters is how we deal with it.  Once again, it is my time I pick myself back up.  Every fiber of my body is ready for this journey.  I’m excited to witness the tapestry pieced together by the stories that will develop over the next 90 days.   It is a beautiful tapestry; life is a gift.

So, here’s to being the HOT that a raw and juicy lifestyle embodies.  And over the next 90 days I desire to:

* Bloom into my full potential.
* Optimize my physical health & raise my energy.
* Create daily traditions that help manage stress, anxiety and fear.
* Clear space for happiness and love.
* Align more deeply to my purpose and faith.
* Have fun!

Me on Day 1 of HOT Raw and Juicy Adventure

6 responses to “HOT Raw and Juicy Adventure

  1. Yes! Amazing! Sending juice your way!


  2. Mishel, Thank you for your juicy LOVE! Day 2 has been so much FUN!!!

  3. I wish you all that you desire and everything else that the Universe has in store for you! Great to meet today. Let’s continue the conversation. xo, Anita🙂

  4. Hi, good luck on your feast! Question: are you continuing with your regular work schedule during the 90 days? I am considering doing a feast starting in January but have to continue to work and was wondering if others do this, or tend to just retreat more while on feast? Would love to hear how you’re coping with feasting and working

    • Thank you for reaching out. Yes! I am working my regular schedule, which is about 90-100 hours a week, juicing and practicing Bikram Yoga every day. I do have huge support in that my restaurant supplies me with my juice. This is huge and I am so grateful for this built in support system. My team at Sun In Bloom is wonderful – we’ve discussed what I am doing, why it is important and they are 100% supportive. Once you move through a physical detox period (experienced by everyone differently – mine has been mostly emotional detox), you should feel very energized. Drinking the green juice will keep your energy levels up and consistent. It’s also imperative you are eliminating daily. Yes! It is absolutely possible to embark on a juice feast with a full schedule. It’s my pleasure to support you however I can.

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