Brunch #33 Newsletter – Flipping the Switch… Exciting & Fun!

Do you ever find yourself spinning 2 completely contradictory stories at the same time and wonder why you are struggling to get ahead or make some simple changes in your life?   
A switch flipped for me this week and the light poured in… As soon as I became aware of 2 stories spinning all the time in my head, I realized there is hope to experience the balance I continue to desire. 
The 1st story is dismal, kind of pathetic.  I size myself up to be insecure, anxious, fearful, depressed, doomed and forever a lonely single woman.  It’s a story about not having enough and feeling unhappy and miserable.  
But I watched an interview with Danny Meyer, a great restaurateur here in NYC (owner of Shake Shack) and he highlighted three reasons to become a restaurateur:
1.  Do I really love the whole act of providing pleasure for other people or not?
2.  Do you really love the topic of food?  (and for me it is the conversation that food has a direct relationship to all of us living our best life)
3.  Are you a really competitive person – persistent and willing to stay the course?
Check, Check, Check.
These are all the reasons I love what I do.  And, then I started asking myself why I show up to my “job” everyday.  This led to the 2nd story, which is that my life is exciting, creative, expansive, pleasurable and that I am living the purposeful life I always dreamed about.  
Gosh, I love when the switch flips!  It marks the moment of a new beginning.  And new beginnings are EXCITING and FUN – there’s endless possibility.  
So, rather than continue playing both of these stories on repeat… I dug up the root to the unproductive storyline.  And the main contributing factor to this story has been my fear that I do not have enough money to keep Sun In Bloom afloat.  It’s been an absolute paralyzing fear since day 1, when pieces to this project did not come through as I had anticipated.  And the larger problem is that finance is not my strong suit or shall I say where I feel most comfortable.    
For example, when I opened I had no idea how to price food and just looked at the basic cost for raw materials and marked it up a little.  
I did not take into account that organic vegetables fluctuate in cost dramatically, the cost for labor, all of the time and energy that goes into our unique methods to sprout, soak and prepare food to serve it in highest potential form and make it with love to nourish you, and all the overhead costs for operating a commercial space on Bergen Street in Park Slope.  And, I completely overlooked that I would need to support myself in the venture as well.  (This is a powerful topic for another letter.) 
So, I learned quickly that my error would lead to Sun In Bloom going out of business if I did not make changes.  Rather than adjust the prices of our basic menu items (because of my fear I’d make you uncomfortable), I decided to apply the classic food costing rules to future products.  So now all of our fresh pressed juices, beautiful hand made nut mylks, smoothies, raw deserts, gluten free vegan baked goods, and everything else we’ve created beyond the basic lunch menu are truly priced reasonably to account for all the costs involved.   
Money is NOT my strong suit!  Naturally, rather than deal with the uncomfortable (my finances in this situation), I keep myself busy doing everything else that supports me to feel comfortable.  And this has all become a big conundrum, as I hardly feel comfort.
No more… I’m done pushing my fear and anxiety down.  It’s time to face “Anxious Scared Nelly” (my super-ego chatter- box living in my head) and create a program that will help support me to shine and live in my passion.  Yes!  Exciting… right?!
I think the golden key here is to look at your unproductive stories and dig up their roots.  As soon as you know what the problem is, you can choose a solution.  
Part of my solution includes weekly meetings I scheduled with Sun In Bloom’s accountant (if you need an accountant, I have found the best accountant!!!) to hold me in the conversation of money and make me more accountable and organized. 

It might become clear that I will need to look for investors/partners who have a passion for what we are doing and will want to be part of our growth. 

I will also analyze our prices and see that all costs reflect a price that can support Sun In Bloom’s overhead.  I want to create food that is accessible and comfortable for everyone to afford, but I want success for Sun In Bloom.  And I want to support you in evaluating your personal relationship with food and money.  Quality food IS expensive and like we choose to spend our dollar on a higher quality watch becasue it will last, I believe we should budget for quality food.  This is our health, our life!
The flip of this switch has already led to some powerful movement in both my personal life and for Sun In Bloom.  And the more ease I feel being in conversation with money, I will feel more empowered, space will open, and Sun In Bloom will expand in ways I cannot even anticipate.  
I have a feeling this is going to lead to some extra weight melting away too.  Yes, fear and anxiety lead to stress, which is stored in the body as fat.  And gosh, the amount of stress I’ve allowed myself to take on would had killed me with acid, if my body did not adjust itself to deal. Our bodies are amazing and powerful.  I am so grateful our bodies know how to adapt, but now it’s time I make choices that are loving and kind to my body.
Thank you for tuning in… Thank you for your support.  I am truly grateful everyday that you’ve come into my life.  
Enjoy this beautiful weekend and I hope to see you at Sun In Bloom for brunch!

One response to “Brunch #33 Newsletter – Flipping the Switch… Exciting & Fun!

  1. Hi Aimee – love this and how raw and honest you are! See you soon! xo, Anita Goa🙂

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