Sun In Bloom’s Aphrodisiac Cuisine

Gluten-free Espresso Cupcakes with Brandy Icing

One thing to love about the food at Sun In Bloom is its aphrodisiac quality. Our dishes are made with love and intention. In turn, that love and intention infuses the food and promotes your own love and wellbeing. For our friends to put that love back out into the universe is more than we could ask for, but that is happening nonetheless.

Raw Strawberry Cheesecake

We never tire of watching customers’ reactions upon tasting a sultry salad or magical mousse. Eyes widen, cheeks flush and smiles appear, despite the mouthful of food.

Wheat-free Zucchini Carrot Walnut Ginger Spelt Muffins

When dining on Sun In Bloom’s creations, you begin to associate food with pleasure. You will then be more inclined to consistently seek out foods that create that feeling for you, which will benefit both your mind and body. That wellbeing will permeate everything you think and do, which then attracts even more good things.

What you put out into the world you will get back. Likewise with your diet–if you enjoy delicious, nourishing meals with all of your senses, your body will thank you by turning those meals into positive energy, which you then use to effect change and attract goodness, inspiring you to continue treating your body well. And so the cycle continues.

Join us in creating pleasure through eating, and then pay it forward.

One response to “Sun In Bloom’s Aphrodisiac Cuisine

  1. Oh wow… Those cupcakes look amazing.

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